RV Super 8 old and dated suff

05/2022. Update. This stuff is old. Possibly useful.

Welcome to my short little page on my RV Super 8? I'm Mike Stewart and Im building one of these. What's a Super 8? Well is is basically a Vans RV 8 with a big motor on it. Why the big motor? Well to go fast of course. There are lots of reasons. This is not a Rocket, Harmon or F1. Its an RV! And its not my first either. Want to learn more about the RV vs. HR vs.F1 story? Go here:

My goal is to provide some information to others about the Super 8. Im not going to build a whopper website. Been there done that. But I will provide what I think is the extra information necessary to wet your whistle about the Super 8.

First I'd go to the FAQ for answers. If that doesn't work, send me an e-mail to mstewartga@yahoo.com

Don't expect long drawn out explanations for stuff. Trying to balance time with detail here.  Here is a fastback Super 8 of JJ in Kansas. Very cool.

Some other items that might be of interest to you

Rear Heat in the 8? Oh Yeah!

Battery Box in the tail

Gear tower mod

On the gear







Trio Autopilot

Flowing the nozzles

Screwless Spinner

Some Engine Pics

Access Panels

Visio Drawings

Clocking the prop

Prop Performance

APRS system


Don't You Dare

Wet Wing Smoke Tank

Extended Range Tanks



Some other doo dads that might be of interest

Some shots of electrical items. Relay trays and so forth And the panel design, My POH in Word or PDF . Visio File, HTML , PDF of my drawings.