Painting the 8

I choose to paint my own plane. Lots of builders just have it done. The first question folks ask after they know you built it is "boy how did you get the paint to look so good?" I hate to answer ... "well.. I didnt paint it". A so anyway I am painting my own. Here are some details

1. Used Sikens automotive paint due to easy supply of material and experts who are friends

2. Prep is the the key, followed closely by environment control, and skill being a distant 3rd on the importance scale

3. Even though I have done this before, I still under estimate the amount of work involved

4. Michelle picked out the colors, daughter Amanda designed the scheme, I did the work.

Many thanks to the following folks who also contributed

Jamey Saunders, Michelle  and Greg Bitzer for coming by to help. The more hands the merrier. Thanks also to Brian Holt my personal painting advisor who was constantly at the ready to answer every little question that came up. Here are some photos.

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