Super 8 Performance Data

N687MS statistics

Span 24 ft
Length 22 ft
Height 5 ft 7 in
Wing Area 116 sq ft
Empty Weight 1331 lbs
Gross Weight 2275 lbs
Useful Load 944 lbs
Wing Loading 11.5 - 19.6lb/sq ft empty/gross
Power Loading 5 - 8.75 lb/hp 
Engine IO-540 C4B5 260 hp
Propeller Hartzel C/S (Hacked Aztec Prop)
Fuel Capacity 60 US gal
Baggage 160 lbs
Smoke 50lbs
Top Speed 8000 ft 204 kts 8000'
Cruise [75% @ 8000 ft] 196 kts
Cruise [55% @ 8000 ft] 190 kts
Stall Speed Solo 47 kts
Climb/Ceiling - Solo
Rate of Climb 2,600 fpm
Ceiling 24,999 + ft
Range w/VFR reserves
Range [75% @ 8000 ft] 833 nm
Range [55% @ 8000 ft] 1,010 nm


Glide Performance Data

Taken at ~4k', Solo, 20gallons fuel. Prop stops at 68kts. Dove to 130kts and would not resume wind milling again.  Chart shows 74kts best glide. Any slower and plane get too close to stall and I don't want to be there when going off field.  Moving prop lever made no change in performance. Not going fast enough to allow the prop to go coarse. Made several landings with prop stopped and only a 3 point was possible comfortably. Without the prop pulling I could not easily plant her on the mains and keep her there. Best to 3 point the plane. First attempt at landing dead stick required a restart and go around for being too short. Hot start button on my stick made this easy.  Each one after that and I came very close to nailing the target. I feel I could now hit a spot as a glider. I think Ill do this once a year to keep my skills up. Maybe more it was kind of fun.

Aspd Kts glide ratio
89 7.51
87 7.59
83 7.64
79 7.99
74 8.32