Rear View Mirrors


Rear view mirrors have been in cockpits of fighters for many years. Mostly to check six. I had seen several RV-8's with em and thought Id give them a try.

I bought mine from AutoZone and used Velcro to attach. They came as a pack of 2 and have a left and right. Since the upper roll bar is used to egress, I wanted to be able to knock em around and not damage them. These really crappy pictures below were taken from my phone.

There are 2 functions for me.

1. Your passenger can see you. The best location is the Alternate spot marked below. This gives both occupants the best view for conversation. I stuck some velcro there to be able to use it. It really makes your passenger feel like they are up there with you. Having owned an RV-6A, these mirrors are almost as good as having one. I simply grab the upper right mirror, pull it off, and stick it in the alt spot when I have a passenger.

2. Formation. I can see my wingman during taxi, takeoff, parade, even in  trail. It is very cool. Particularly if your wingman know that at a single glance you can see where they are. Before the mirrors, you had to glance at them and they knew you were looking and would suck it up and get in. Now they are always on high alert cause I can see their every move. These are a must for any flight lead.

Side view. You can see that this form factor is perfect for sticking to the roll bar.

Here is a shot of the mirrors from the rear

This shot is what the passenger sees of the pilot

This shot is what the pilot sees of the passenger. Notice the full view of the tail too. Great when your flight is in trail.


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