I had my Interior done by Rusty Black of Oplika Alabama (334) 745-4197. He has completed several RV's and Lancairs to include grand champions. He does very good work. All custom design and fit. Here are some photo's. I got pockets, access doors, booster seats, side panels and so forth. Here are some of my design ideas that I gave him to get him started.


One of the things I knew I was going to miss from my RV-6 was storage and access. Was always easy to reach behind and get what I needed. So in the Super 8 I put in plenty of things to give me access to storage. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge.

Few map Pockets around.

I also put into the floor some access panels for additional storage. Lift the lid and wallah!

The pilot seat back also has a big puch. Its primary use is to throw the camera in. Headsets also end up in there.

And a couple of panel shots.