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The correct transmission selection for this project is a T-56 transmission found commonly in Camaros, Firebirds, corvettes, Vipers and so forth. DO NOT USE A CADI CTS-V Transmission. Nathan told me, I did NOT LISTEN. I deserve to have spent days just to find out there is no way. I did not figure it out until I slid the engine transmission into the car and the shifter was a foot too far forward. ARGH! There are other difficulties. First, 2 prong yoke, bell housing too big, dual mass flywheel means larger bell housing, and so forth. Shame on my for not listening.

Here are a couple pictures of the WRONG T-56 tranny out of an 05 Cadi CTS-V.

The proper one I finally found is a 2000 Firebird T-56 6-speed. Do not forget to swap pilot bearings on your LS6 if you use this transmission or disaster will strike you. See Engine link above. I installed a stage 2 clutch & new slave cylinder and release bearing from Thunder Racing. Bought the one for the 2000 Firebird and bolted it on.  You can see this transmission fit in the shifter perfectly. You will need the flywheel from the Firebird for this to work. The CTS-V dual mass flywheel is too big for the bell housing.See engine section for why there is a weld on the bell housing.


Here is where the shaft came through. Its in 3rd gear now which is why it shows forward.

More to come here.