Mikes 1999 Miata V8 LS6 Conversion

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Welcome to the world of Miata V8 conversions. I documented my build to give others a reference. This is a conversion of a 1999 Miata using the Boss Frog materials and custom selected parts.

This is a Father/Step Son project. Step son Wesley Hurley needed money and work. Father needed more power in his Miata that he loves. So we embarked on the transformation. Frankly he and I needed something to work on together. We have had a shaky relationship over the years. This project has brought us together to focus on something cool. Its worked. Worth every penny even if it doesn't run.

I hope to document for others. I found a lot of good stuff. Primarily from Nathan. Thanks Nathan. You have inspired lots of folks like me. Thanks for your hard work. I relearned some of your lessons. Shame on me for not paying more attention to your stuff.

I would say the 2 most difficult items on this build. Wiring, and cooling. See details above.


Update March 2016. I have sold this car to a new home, but Ill keep this site up for others.

Update June 27, 2010 . Cooling mods are working and Im satisfied Im on the right track to solution.

Update June 11, 2010. Engine installed. Running. Exhaust in. Got a few bugs. Working on cooling issues and fans as well as insane IAT (Inlet Air Temperatures). A/C system not completed. Drives OK.

Update March 2012. Engine mounts melted. See Engine section. Repair rear main seal leak (yes I had to pull the motor). Installed new tires. Otherwise its doing great after ~10k miles.