Fuel System

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There are a few fuel system changes to make. Namely new lines, fittings, new filter regulator for a corvette ACF-GF822, new Walbro 255lph fuel pump..... new everything.

The fuel pump in the Miata is not up to the 58psi nor the volume this gas guzzler is going to take. You need the pump above and you will need to go into the tank to replace it.

First remove the pump assembly. Safeguard the float line and pins.


Install an AN-6 bulkhead fitting in place of the old line. I cut the old one and drilled it out of the plate.

Once the bulkhead fitting is installed, you can use soft tube -6 aluminum tube and nuts and sleeves  fittings through out the car. I use this stuff on aircraft and its easy cheesy to work with. A flaring tool and your all set. Here is Wesley with the flaring tool and the aluminum tube.

Here is the pump installed and ready to go. Had to cut off the old connectors and crimp on some new ones. Adel clamps to hold the pump on.


Here is the thing installed in the tank. Now we have to run one line down. The return from the filter will work as is.

On the engine, the supply line will need this push on fitting to AN-6. You need the one for 3/8, and the one for 5/16.

The filter regulator gets installed in the same spot as the old one. You will need the same push on fittings as above. Reuse the return line to the tank. The output side of the filter gets a special fitting I was only able to find at V8 Roasters.