Miata Goodwin Big Brake Kit

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The Miata stock brakes are not quite up to the task of getting this car stopped like I wanted. So I ordered the Goodwin Miata 4 wheel big brake kit. My only disappointment was that I thought I was getting a 4 caliper kit. I did not read the description close enough. Its 2 front calipers, and 4 rotors, pads for all, and lines for all. $1600 seemed pricey for not getting 4 calipers. But, I dont buy these racing parts for cars and sometimes I get sticker shocked.

I got the car up and apart and the kit arrived. Unfortunately they forgot to include the SS lines. They shipped em overnight to me so I could get the car on the road. I scanned the instructions and began removing the old brakes and lines. I also replaced the Master cylinder with a stock one, just to get everything new.

The only problem I ran into was... well....me. Im a dope. I installed the brake line on the caliper at a removed bleeder location and it would not reach to frame fitting. Argh!. First picture is the line coming out the bottom of the caliper and the next is it being too short. I called Brian and Goodwin, he and I scratch our collective heads. He has sold many of these and Im the only one too short. Hmmmm.... I requested longer lines. He said OK. I proceeded to bend the hard line a bit to get the line to fit temporilarily. As I went to bleed the brakes, fluid came pouring out the side of the caliper. AHHH. Upon closer inspection of the new caliper, there was a sticker covering up the port location. OMG!. Im such a looser. I cursed and screamed. The brake line goes in there, not a bleeder port. When installed correctly, wallah, the lines are the correct length. Geez! Upon further consideration, the way I was trying to do it, I would not have even gotten the rim on with that line hanging out there. I really felt stupid. Listen, the line goes into the side of the caliper, not the bleeder port.

Once on and bled, all worked as advertized. Here are the items in the Kit. I put them here only for future parts reference.