The Donor

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The donor car. A 1999 Miata that was doing pretty well on its own with the supercharger. I had installed a VF Engineering supercharger stage II kit and it was putting 190hp to the wheels. Even ran down a Z06 vette at Roebling road with it. But alas it was not fast enough. My good friend Danny Kight, aka "Speedy", whooped my butt on the track with his factory five cobra kit car. I was not going to allow that to happen to me again. So I embarked on a mission to transform my Miata into a Cobra ass kicking machine. I will not loose to that stinkin Cobra! Picture below

This simple, not elegant, machine has torn up the track a few times. Here is a video of my running down a Z06 at Roebling Road. And my buddies at the track.