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The Van's Aircraft RV-6A is an all-aluminum two place homebuilt sport aircraft designed by Richard VanGrunsven (Van of Van's Aircraft) in keeping with the philosophy of what Van's calls "Total Performance". Every aircraft design involves compromises made by the designer; absolute strength vs minimum weight, maximum speed vs slow speed performance, etc. Van has done a terrific job of balancing the performance of the entire RV line of sport aircraft so that, while they are not necessarily the best available aircraft at any single task, there are no better aircraft overall.

I really wanted a 4 seater, but they are twice the price. Maybe when I win the lottery. (I actually have a Lear jet in mind for my post lottery winnings. heheheh) Overall, the RV is the most cost efficient, reliable kit plane on the market. The most important reason for me was that here are so many of them, I don't have to re-invent the wheel. There are 4 in my little town of Lawrenceville alone. Not to mention all the great internet sites with info on how to build, tools, techniques etc.. All in all you cant beat the plane for the price. How much?? Well time will tell. Most come in around 75k depending on avionics and power plant. Being a kit, you don't have to fork it all over at once. You build and pay as you go, making it a little easier on your wallet.

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