Team RV's Hall of Shame

This special page has been created to remind us of those special moments when we were caught in the act of something we wish we hadn't. Where will you be when the shutter clicks?

Oshkosh 2006 was a great event. A 15 ship and the Falcon maneuvering routine. It was ALMOST perfect. Except for these shots.

Ken Harrill and Len Leggette both got sucked on their echelon turn to initial from the 15 ship. A classic and all too common mistake.

Lowell 'Pfantom' Lemay caught in Falcon Flight too wide. Rats!


PDK Good Neighbor Day 2006. There were several shots of 'Flaps' ,AKA Mike Allardyce, leaving too much room.



Caught with a sissy wheel! Stu McCurdy!


Caught out of position