RV specific stuff that you may find useful

    N686MSPOH.doc  My Pilot's Operating Handbook. Very good.

    n686msweightnbalance.xls My spreadsheet for Weight and Balance

    flighttestprocedures.pdf An unbelievable set of kneeboard flight test procedures. Requires Adobe (free).  Or MSword doc version> Thank Randy Pflanzer for the great work here.

    Inspection Check List for Amateur-Built Aircraft   FAA certification checklist

    Annual Inspection Checklist Template. Started by Randy Pflanzer, Then modified by me.

    Experimental Aircraft Bill Of Sale

    Aeroquip 303 hose assembly instructions - If you want to make your own oil and fuel hose, this will tell you how to do it. You can     buy all the material you need from Aircraft spruce.

Visio stuff. All kinds of things used on my 6A and Super 8 done in Visio. Drawings, panel layout etc.~7mb file.


Strangely useful things

instrumttest.txt The Entire IFR written test, both questions, and answers. Raw text.

instrumenttest.xls The Entire IFR written test, both questions, and answers. Excel

instrumenttestwronganswersremoved.xls The Entire IFR written test, both questions, and answers. Excel. But the wrong answers are removed. A terrific study guide to get familiar with ONLY the correct answers. Several pilots have passed their written with ONLY this document to study from.

SafetyCard102-OnePage-Center.pdf    Safety Placard for passengers. Requires Adobe (free)

AC 20-138A How GPS' comply with IFR reg's and certification

AC 90-94 FAA guidance of how to use GPS with IFR flights

Here are some Garmin Installation Manuals. GNS430, GNS530, GMA347, GNS530WGNS430W, GTX327, GTX330, MX20, SL40, SL30

Get any Garmin Manual you ever wanted. (maybe)

Other good stuff. PMA7000B, Lyco 540 Parts catalogue




FFI Program Manual



Recommended Supplement to T-34 Formation Manual for RV Aircraft

Flight Lead Evaluation Form

Wingman Evaluation Form



 Team RV formation training manual

 Team RV Formation briefing Template


AvWeb Article on Formation Flying

            EZ Squadron Presentation on Getting Started (PowerPoint Version)

            EZ Squadron Presentation on Getting Started (Web Version)

            Formations Flying Standards - Rejoins

            Formations Flying Standards - Crossunders

            Formations Flying Standards - Echelon

            Formations Flying Standards - Fingertips

            Formations Flying Standards - Overhead Approaches

            Blackjack Squadron

            SoCAL Wing

            Team RV Web Site