Interior info for the Super 8

I took some pictures of Ballards and Whites interiors to make comments on them so you know what I am interested in.

Here is a couple of shots of my interior cream color. I want the interior work to be warm and inviting as well as sporty and sexy, not too over done. I would like the embroidered  Super 8 embroidered somewhere as well.

Here is my seat belts against my interior painted cream color. The belt tan color should match well with the planned tan interior. Also you can see my roll bar which is a dark red color. This accent color is carried in the interior with the seatbelt trim, rudder pedals, and a few other accent items. The red color should be used for the embroidery. The word experimental is a sticker on the fuse so no need to put that on the interior anywhere. I was thinking that since the back seat top is curved, that the words Super 8 could also be embroidered to follow the curve. And on the front seat headrest it could be embroidered there as well.



My aircraft color along with some of the trim on the interior to include the rollbar, rudder pedals, and a few other nic nacs are just exactly like this color of this plane

I like these pouches. No top pouch on the back seat. I do not want the full wrap leather roll bar and I do like a nice neck rest. I want tans and browns to match and contrast the cream interior paint color,  not the grays, 






I like the pouches to hold things on these 2 panels. I like the carpet backing on the bottom one also. I do not want leather wrap on the all panels. Thats too much for me. A panel to the right of my switches might be nice. Maybe not...  Also I would like a arm rest to the left of the throttles. I do a lot of formation and need a place to rest the soft spot of my left palm. A nice 1" cushion on the left side of the throttles.






Nice pouches, nice seat design, stick boots, carpet floor, carpet side wall and pouches. I am concerned about having leather wrap around everything though.

No upper seat pouch, but Yes on the lower.






Very nice baggage. I like it a lot. I want to match the carpet to the tan accent to the seat. Only carpet the floor, shelf, and the first section of the side walls.







I like this 2 tone. Very classy lookin. I like the tan and perhaps with an accent of a darker brown rather than the gray. I dunno.






I like this partially carpeted baggage






Definitely need a nice extra seat booster cushion. I want a throw cushion, not a replacement. I think this one replaces the normal seat bottom. I need to raise my wife up about 5"