This page is reserved for those folks who needed a voice. They had a horrible experience with Mr. Transmission in Sugar Hill, Buford, or CHamblee (he moves around) and wanted me to post their experience so that YOU could read it and decide for yourself if you wanted to take your business there or not. Remember, these folks, including me, have taken the time to write this stuff. You can imagine how they must feel. Do you really want to take your business there? Read on!!!!

Received August 2014

Mr. Stewart,

Oh how I wish I had found your website before March 2013. What a nightmare this guy Alan Polson has become in my life.

I guess you get what you pay for, I took my car there last March because he gave me the cheapest price for rebuilding my transmission. He said it would be between $2000-$2500. It turned out to be $2600, so not too far off. The was the end of the good experience with him. It took him 3 weeks to rebuild the transmission, he always said the car would be ready in 1-2 days and then he would disappear when I would call to find out if it was ready. When it was finally ready, I picked it up and had to bring it back within a week because there was something wrong with it.

Again, he had it for 2 more weeks just to replace the “new” torque converter that went bad. It sat there not being touched for the first 6 business days and all along he never would return any of my calls to tell me what was going on. I told him how ridiculous this is that it’s taking so long and that I needed my car. He promised he would pay for me to rent a car for 3 days. Gave him the bill for that and do you think he ever paid me back? It was only $100. I took my car back for a 2 week inspection and everything was OK. He kept telling me he was mailing a check and never would.

Fast forward to July 19th when I drove my family to a beach near Jacksonville. Started having transmission problems as we got close so I took my car to a local Mr. Transmission because I have a 3 year / 36 month warranty on the transmission. They inspected it and said the whole thing needs to be replaced. They called Alan Polson and he said my warranty was voided b/c I never got my 12 month inspection. This was in tiny print on the bottom of the backside of the invoice I got from him. My fault. He said he would pay to replace the parts if I would pay for the labor. Reluctantly, I agreed. I relayed this to the Mr. Transmission in Jacksonville. They waited for parts and kept calling him for updates. He never would return their calls so I would call him and then he would call the Mr. Transmission in Jax. He told them they were requesting too many parts to be replaced. They verified and explained to him everything that was wrong and he still won’t replace all the parts. The two most expensive parts, of course, the torque converter and something called a planetary set.

I’ve enlisted the corporate office for their help. They keep telling me that since he said he would pay for all the parts, he needs to do this. But they have no legal means of making him do this because he’s an independent owner. He dodges most of their calls as well. Basically he’s just waiting for me to breakdown and tell him I’ll pay for these parts because I need my car back. Not sure how much longer I can hold out. The Mr. Transmission in Jacksonville is definitely not a fan of Alan Polson and they have been helpful, however they can’t force him to do anything either. I’ve already had to rent a car to get my family back to Atlanta while my car remains in Jacksonville. I also still have figure out the best way to get my car back home. This guy is such a slimeball.

Thanks for trying to warn everyone about this guy.

Matt Allen.


Received July 21, 2011

Alan Polson at Mr. Transmission in Duluth, Ga is deceitful
From: STEFANEY ROMERO <>Add to Contacts

My husband's truck was jerking a bit, so my husband took his Ford truck to Mr. Transmission in Duluth, Ga. to see if he might be having any transmission problems. The manager. John, told him that he would inspect his vehicle for free and tell him what the issue was after internal inspection. The next day my husband stopped by . They said the transmission was fine but it was actually an issue with the wheel. They said it would cost $ 496 for the labor and an estimated price of $200 for the part he needed. My husband agreed. He payed the $496 for the labor and left. The next day, Alan Polson told my husband the part was actually going to be $1,300. My husband stated that was ridiculous (since his estimate was $1,100 off....big difference!!) and that he would just take his truck to another place. Alan said he would have to pay an additional fee of $200 for having to reassemble the truck back since he wasn't going to make any money off a part.

My husband refused to pay the extra $200 since he had already been scammed into paying $496 for labor. Alan then hesitated and said he would see if he could find a cheaper price for the part. My husband left and then came back the next day since Alan never called us with a new quote. My husband demanded that the money he already paid needed to be given back to him since technically Mr. transmission did nothing to his truck. Alan refused and still demanded my husband to pay an additional $200 for reassembly. Please note that every time my husband talked to Alan Polson, that he was irate, very unprofessional, and patronized my husband no matter how calm my husband was.

My husband then proceeded to call Gwinnett Police. The operator made a comment : "another call on Alan." In addition the police officer who came, was very familiar with Alan Polson and his endless complaints. As well as ,his recent televised report on a local news channel , in February. showing Alan Polson and Mr. transmission scamming customers. This alone should tell you to stay away!!!

As soon as the police officer came, Alan's demeanor suddenly changed, and he tried to appear as if he was cordial the whole time to my husband. Unfortunately, the officer stated that my husband would have to pay for the $496, but nothing else, and that Alan would have to give us the truck reassembled . He hinted to my husband that he needed to file a legal complaint against Mr. Transmission and Alan Polson if we wanted our money back and wanted legal justice. Alan stated that he would refund the money back into my husband's account and that he wanted my husband to pay the $496 in cash instead.

Do not take your vehicle to Mr. Transmission in Duluth, Buford, or Chamblee. Alan Polson owns all 3 locations!! Once you get your car into his grubby hands he will steal your money and trap you into a similar situation. Leaving you with a car in the same, or even worse condition and your wallet cleaned out. His business states on his Duluth location's web page: " We believe that doing an honest job for people is just good business." He doesn't even know about ethnical an moral integrity let alone honestly. He know how to "honestly" steal your money!!


Received May 2011


I am also a victim of these two xxxxxx..Alan Polson and Perry.
They have no morals, they are the most obnoxious and arrogant Bastards I have ever met.
ll they do is tell one lie after another. They had my car from February to May, telling me one Bull crap lie after another.
I had a warranty going in, they were paid plus the $100. Deductible and they did nothing but mess my car up worst. Now it isn’t even drivable. They told me they would only fix my car if I brought the parts. Had a nerve to give me a warranty, which they are not even honoring.

I called Motor Vehicle, to launch a complaint, I called their Corporate head quarters, all I get are I am sorry this has happen to you.

So I concur, they are the Worst Mr. Transmission place. I hope other People do research before going to this shop. Because if you don’t be prepare for Heart ache, higher costs, rude, and very very bad service.

And the Gentle man answering the phone, is no better than those other two idiots Perry and Alan Polson, he lies too, saying they are with a Customer or on the phone or out to Lunch. He can’t even tell you if they are working on your car.

Rita Custis


Received August 2009

On Wednesday August 3, 2009, my car (2003 Toyota Camry) had a problem with Transmission. I called this shop to tow my car to their shop. Tow is free and with transmission check $697.
The second day, the manager called me said my car has big problem with transmission.
They offered two options: rebuilt $2600 or installed new transmission with one year
warranty $3400 or $4000 with 3 years warranty. I called my local Toyota's dealer and the
dealer offered me $2800 for new transmission plus tow fee with 3 years warranty.
I called Mr. transmission manager. The manager John, then talked with owner Alan.
The owner called me back said there are two options: I can take my car back to dealer.
He will charge me $1000 for diagnosis and assembling back. He offer me $3500 plus
tax for new after-market parts (one year or $12000 warranty) and waive my previous
check fee $697. On Friday, I go to shop to pick up my car. They insisted $697 fee
can not be waived. The total fee is: $3500 + tax + $697. They also refuse to
accept the coupon $100 listed at their web site. I stayed their for 5 hours
with very rude treatment. Since I need to be out of town, , I finally pay them $3500
+ plus tax (210) + several hundreds dollar cash to take my car back. They told me
I got 3 years warranty with 3 free transmission fluid flush. Since my car is 6 years
old and with $83000 miles, I plan to sell this car next year. They forced me to buy
this warranty with cost me more $542 dollars. They also treat me very rude all the time.

Kuozheng Li


Received February 2009

The transmission on one of our technicians van went out right in front of the place, he coasted into the lot. When searching the internet for their number, to discuss repairs, I found your page first – thankfully. So I sent a tow truck to pick it up from their lot.
BTW: I noticed several Mr. Transmission web pages with Trojans on them…?????
I appreciate you taking your time to post the page.
Thanks again – (The one that got away),


Received 02/10/2007

Let me start by saying- OH MY GOODNESS, we are not alone! We took our car there two weeks ago for a two day job! First it was only the seals then when we pressured them for a definite pick up date we were told that the converter and bushing had to be replaced. My husband and father-in-law went up there in person and the owner/manager started getting irate shaking his hand in my husbands face and telling my father-in-law that the only thing that was wrong was he did not have the $ to fix the car. Where he got this conclusion, I don’t know! He threatened to have my husband physically removed from the building. He stated that he was going to call the police and was told please do. He then got Perry to speak with them. The agreement they came to was if we paid for the part then the car would be ready on Friday. So the part was paid for. And Friday? NO CAR!!!! The first price was 675.00 to replace all seals then add 300 for the converter and bushing. Wrong again. The total is so far 1109.00 this after they give a rock bottom discount of 80.00. I called today (Saturday) and asked for Perry and got hung up on! I called back and asked for Perry again and was told all calls were forwarded to this man so I asked about the car and was told again Perry will be in Monday. I went up there and it looks as if the car has not been touched!!!!! We know that we are getting screwed, but hope to have our car back soon!!!!!!!

Brian & Stephanie


Received 02/15/2007

Hi there!

I came across your web page AFTER we had our transmission fixed at this location for $3,000 and has been in for subsequent repairs because the transmission keeps failing and leaking. We started this in April of 2006 and dealt with Alan and Perry both and our warranty is about to expire and our car is still not fixed. We have taken it back 3 times and they have kept our vehicle on the last occasion for 3 months for which we luckily had other vehicle we could use. We also have another mechanic that we usually go to and after each visit there, would assure us that the car was still not repaired and this time around he found that there was a fresh tear in our inner CV boot. Our mechanic said that he would write a letter for us stating was he found after each supposed repair because he feels that we have been taken for an expensive ride.

I would love the details on your case because my husband and I are considering filing a small claims court action due to our scenario. Alan has even refused to give us the paper copies of our contract and now denies that he even repaired our car although we have the credit card statements and phone records that indicate outgoing calls to them and incoming calls.

If anything, I would like to write up a detailed letter of our experience and post my excel spreadsheet indicating our phone conversations about our car.

Nereida Claudio-Canales


received 02/15/2007

I think that we are singing the same sad song. My 1998 Acura transmission died on me 12/2006 and I had my car properly diagnosed at a neighborhood mechanic and was told that I needed a new transmission. I had my car towed to Mr. Alan Polson location @ 4065 Buford Hwy. He quoted me the price of $1,987. In good faith I went on and made a payment. I asked Alan to please fax me a written estimate of everything that he had told me. Never got anything in writing. I called for one full week, daily asking for that info., because I was not going to make another payment until I had something in writing. I noticed that following weekend, that money was missing from my bank account. Mr. Transmission decided to make their own payment. I now have a car in pieces with no transmission. Lesson learned. Now I am fighting for my rights and my money....That was a short version of my story!! >>>Where did you take your car?



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