Mr. Transmission 1000 Cobb Pkwy S, Marietta, GA 30060
and this location...

Mr. Transmission Duluth Georgia

3560 Buford Highway
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 497-9595

and this location.

Mr. Transmission Chamblee Georgia5630 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30341
(770) 986-2686

And this location.

Buford, GA 30518-3625 (770) 945-1900fax 678) 417-6032


Update October 2015

The business has now moved to 1000 Cobb Pkwy S, Marietta, GA 30060. Received another dissatisfied customer email....

he guy has had my van for 3 months.  I contacted corporate offices and it has been a nightmare.
Too long to detail right now.  

Craig Gleason

Update July 2011

The business has moved to:

Mr. Transmission

3560 Buford Hwy Ste B

Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 497-9595


Received more complaints. You can read them here. See another complaint here.


Update. August 2009.

He has either gone out of business or he has moved his business to another location. If someone knows where he has gone. Please let me know. He changes business names over the years. He needs to be followed. Business names change, business practices  do not.


I had my transmission die and I called Alan Polson at his location. He quoted me between $800-$1300 to rebuild my transmission. I asked him specifically what the worst case scenario was and he said worse case was $1300.

The truck was towed there and low and behold the next call, from Perry,  was $3500 to have it rebuilt.
"WHAT?" I was stunned and immediately felt I was getting screwed and told him I did not want him to complete the job and that I would pay him for the time he had in it to remove the transmission. He said ok, that will be $1400. "WHAT?!!" I was stunned again and now knew I was getting seriously screwed. And now I have a disassembled transmission AND I have to pay $1400 to get it out of there. How could it possibly be that originally the worst case to rebuild my transmission was $1300 and now its $1400 to come and get the pieces. Truly outrageous.

And so I did. I called around and was told I was definitely getting screwed and that a reasonable fee was $300-$500 to pull and analyze the transmission problem and a reasonable fee for a complete  installation of a rebuilt transmission was $1500 out the door. So I had the truck towed to another location to have the work done and a rebuilt transmission was installed for that price.

Unbelievable. The only recourse I have is to put this page up and hope you as a prospective customer will heed my warnings. I had what I thought was a simple job and it turned out to be a nightmare. Please, please, be forewarned. This place is a rip off. Do not take your business here.

Mike Stewart

Followup: Since posting this site, I have received several other pissed off customer complaints of Mr. Transmission in Sugar Hill.

Folks send me their Mr. Transmission Stories. You can read them here. See another complaint here.

Want to really scare yourself out of taking your business here? Go to the Gwinnett County Courts page, under court services, click on party/case index, search by party name and put in Alan Polson as a search for all courts, and see for yourself all the actions against him. He has done transmissions under quite a few business names to include Transmissions R Us, Precision Transmission Inc, Quality Transmission Inc, Mr. Transmission, and Pit Stop Transmissions. And these are just the ones I can find. How about taking a look at the Atlanta Better Business Bureau's Negative Rating. Its an "F" The lowest rating possible. The BBB considers this "The grade represents BBB’s degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns." Just in case the Court page goes away, I have a listing of the 32 cases on file here

Do you have a complaint that you would like to share here? Let me hear about it and lets get the word out

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Update December 2006 of my situation

I received a letter From Mr. Transmissions attorney threatening litigation for libel, slander, defamation and a few other things. I though you might like to read my response.

Chandler, Britt, Jay & Beck, LLC

4350 South Lee Street

Buford, Georgia 30518



  December 13, 2006

 Dear Mr. Jay:

It was with great pleasure that I received and read your letter dated December 7th threatening civil action against me. I say great pleasure because I was not sure Mr. Polson would ever figure out that the choices he made had consequences. They certainly did.

As to the merits of your various actions threats made in your letter, I am quite amused. You see in this country, protected by the Constitution, free speech is strongly protected, particularly on the internet. Further, the truth is an absolute defense in any case involving libel, slander or defamation.

Mr. Polson’s business actions were deplorable and the public should be aware. I have no intention of removing the web page. I have been damaged by his actions. I am a man of strong principle. My family went through quite an ordeal thanks to the mishandling by Mr. Polson. Should he wish to discuss my damages I would be happy to do that. Your case would not survive summary judgment, and my counter suit would hit Mr. Polson in his pocket AND the web page would remain forever with the details of the case included. In the mean time, Ill enjoy my top ranking in the search engines knowing I am making a difference fighting bad business.

When Mr. Polson thought he could take advantage of a customer without consequence, he was wrong.  If you thought your letter would persuade me to remove the page, you were wrong. If you though the threat of civil action would scare me into retreat, you were wrong. If you think I would enjoy sitting in a courtroom defending my rights, YOU WOULD BE RIGHT!


Michael W. Stewart

 cc. Precision Auto Repair