Be sure to read the engine prep before reading this.

I have a , new in the box, Lycoming 0-360 180hp engine from Van's. Right now that's all it is, a new in the box engine. I have not done anything with it yet, other than look at it and grin & weep. Grin due to its beauty, simplicity, & newness. Weeping due to the cost of it just sitting here doing nothing other than looking pretty. It arrived in September 2000. I likely won't need it for cowling fitting until November. Until then , it just rests nicely in a safe place. Wasn't that nice of them to send me an extra filter with it?

More to come when I do more with it. (I still peek at it every once in a while when I need some inspiration to press onward on the finishing kit.)

last updated 11/05/2002