Landing Gear

Installing the landing gear is a daunting task. It requires you to get the wings out and install them in the fuse. It also lets you know if your wings are aligned. (see my uttos section)

Here is a shot of the pre-formed landing gear. Pre-welded and powder coated. Very nice. Have plenty of clamps and drill bits handy. Plan on chewing up several bits during the process. Basically you use the holes in the wing spar as a guide. But you cannot screw up the close tolerance holes in the spar so you must use a drill guide and predrill a small hole, then remove the gear and drill to final size. I was able to grab a 3/16OD brass tube from the R/C pile and that worked great. 

Here is a picture of the gear mounted. A long piece of angle across the top keeps everything level while you drill. Take your time here. There is no room for error.

last updated 11/05/2002