Wings Don't fit.

Can you believe it? Me either. I went to slide the wings in and they did not fit. Here was the problem.

The rear spar did not align with the bulkhead. THe distance was OK, between the main spar and the rear spar, but my wing incidence was off. How'd that happen?

Well it was obviously dumb measurements.

You can see the white 604 bulkhead. the bottom is closer to the firewall (left) than the top. It should be the other way around. I had to get an A&P, as well as a technical counselor to take a look at this problem cause it required moving the bulkhead though the painful process of drilling out rivets. UGGHH!! At any rate the problem was solved and with reinforcing plates and double rivet patterns. I will feel much safer with the fix, than I would have with the plans version. Tthis area is much stronger now than it was before.