Paint the Plane

Wow, what an exciting time, and what a lot of work. 

First, hauling the plane parts to a new friends paint shop I had just met on the ramp a few weeks earlier. What a miracle to run into this guy. Bryan Holt, owns Georgia Paint & Body, is a student pilot, and after 2 minutes in a conversation with me offered his paint shop, booth, bay, and expertise to help me paint my plane. I Love this aviation community!!

Here is Bryan, helping me get some parts ready. He scans every piece, and touches up any necessary parts before they enter the booth.

Here are some various pictures of preping the parts. Ill bring you more detail when I have some time. I am almost done.

Here I am putting on some seam sealer on butting seams and overlapping skins. Also taping stuff off late into the night after everyone has left.


First Robert shows me the proper technique. He paint 3-5 cars a day to I think he pretty much has the feel after 10 years of this. If you could only see a video of his arms in motion. It is quite an art.


Here is me putting the blue on. I have a suit on. This Imron is nasty stuff. I started with small pieces at first to get the hang of it.


This rolling rack was very handy. Has everything you need to prep parts. Tape, sandpapaper, blah blah blah. Was neat to have all this stuff.

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