Painting, Page 2

Here is Amanda, punching screws  into the cardboard for painting. Great job for a 9 year old. Kept her busy for a couple of hours. I wanted the screw heads painted. This will keep them from flying around when spraying

Here are some assorted pictures. Some items of note:

1. transtar 4155 seam sealer was used on all butting and overlapping seams.

2. Permacron fine putty 7715 was used for filling pin holes. I wish I had this stuff when I was filling fiberglass pin holes. It works great and very cheap and easy to use.

3. All tape lines were laid w/ "striping tape", a very thin tape, 1/4", that goes half over the masking and half onto the painted surface. It is paper thin and after you paint, peel it off and you get a super clean line when transitioning from one color to another. Its the thin blue tape you see in the pictures.


This is neat, when you pull the paper off , the tape gets stuck right to it. Only in a paint shop. NEAT!

Starbursts trimmed off on the wing, ready for the Metallic blue to be painted