Fuse Forward Top

Finishing the fuse forward is a fairly simple process. Most of the work is the same as other elements. Fit the ribs, bulkheads etc., strap on the skin, mark from the inside, take skin off and drill skin, strap skin on and final drill through the ribs and bulkhead. Don't forget the instrument panel!



Fitting these two guys together is a bunch of trial and error. Its a complicated joint and everyone will see it. Right above the 604 bulkhead.

My friend Paul Emerins helped my rivet the forward skin. Of course the rivet gun takes more skill so he had to get in the fuse and do the bucking whilst I ran the gun on the outside:) Sorry Paul for the monster lump in your back!! (He is smiling now cause he is just getting in there. I can tell you he was not smiling 2 hours later when we were through. The next time I ask him for help Ill have to up the anti.) 


last updated 11/05/2002