Instrument Panel

The instrument panel begins as a single piece of metal that you must form an angle around the top of for strength. You do this by drilling holes in the root of the angle, cutting a slot to the hole, drill to the instrument panel, cleco as you go. I've made mine removable using platenuts. Careful of your spacing of your drilled holes if you use platenuts. You need enough roon to rivet them on the flange between the slots.

Also, while you have it out and in one piece as a template, trace it out onto a piece of poster board so you can begin the arduous task of panel planning. Im not using the panel planning software. I need to see it in front of me. I made templates of the instruments I already have, or will purchase and stick em to the poster board. I slide em around till I have it the way I like it. Then stuck it up on the wall of the shop for inspiration. Also, I add to it when I remember, or run across stuff that needs to go there. 

last updated 11/19/2003