References from our past shows. 

Boshears Skyfest – Recommendation

I have been chairman of the Boshears Skyfest in Augusta for seven years. One of my most important duties is to schedule performers. I have received countless compliments from our patrons about Team AeroDynamix. One of my good friends called me this week to tell me how much he enjoyed the show. Without my solicitation he let me know that his favorite act was that group of 9 planes flying together. What impressed me most this year about Team AeroDynamix is how they have continued to improve and refine their performance from 2008. They are a great act to fit in between traditional performers to give more balance to an air show.

In terms of value, We schedule about 6 performers per year, which means I have scheduled approximately 42 acts in the last 7 years. Team AeroDynamix is one of the very best values I have found in the industry. I look forward to having Team AeroDynamix at future shows.

Brad Kyzer, Jr.
706 737 0422