Mike “Kahuna” Stewart

Stewart, Team Leader, flies an RV- Super 8 he built and finished in 2006. Prior to that he built and flew his RV-6A for several years. Mike has 4000+ hours of flight experience, 3000 of those in RV's. He is an FFI (Formation Flying Incorporated) check pilot and has served as Chief Instructor for hundreds of formation student pilots around the country. He also flew as wingman with Falcon Flight, an RV formation team based in Texas, under the leadership of Stu McCurdy, the founder of FFI. Mike has 20 years experience in the Technology Industry, and served eight years at IBM as Vice President, Development Director, and Sr. Manager ISS. Mike has flown more than 200 young eagles and has served on multiple EAA boards as chairman and treasurer. Mike also is a volunteer for Angel Flight since 2004, and his was the first experimental aircraft approved for use by the charitable medical treatment transportation organization.
Stewart holds Commercial, Instrument, and Sea Plane ratings. He also is a test pilot for the RV series aircraft. Stewart lives in Gold Hill, NC with his wife, Amy.


Danny “Speedy” Kight

Kight flew Schweizer 2-33 sailplanes in high school and built his first aircraft in high school: a "Nomad" motor glider (ultra light category), in which he flew about 200 hours. Kight is a founding member of Team AeroDynamix. He rebuilt a Sonerai IILT and built his RV-6 which he finished in 2002. Kight also built a Cobra kit car. He is a Project Engineer for Shaw Industries. Danny's hometown is Anderson, SC, where he lives with his wife, Mary and four children.




Tad “Stripes” Sargent

Sargent has built numerous aircraft, including his RV-7A that he flew for team before it was destroyed in the infamous tornado that hit SUN 'n FUN in March 2011. He now flies an RV-8. Sargent holds commercial and instrument ratings and has more than 1600 hours of total flying time, most of that in RV's. Sargent manages a Financial Advisory Practice and resides in Davidson, NC, with his wife, Terry.



Robert "Round Bob" Gibbons (RB)

Gibbons retired from the USAF in 2004 after 26 years as a Fighter Pilot and Forward Air Controller with 3700 hours in the O-2, A-10 and F-16. He holds Commercial, Instrument and Sea Plane ratings. Bob took 13 years to build his RV-8 that in 2010 won a Bronze Lindy award for workmanship at EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh. He lives in Sumter, SC with his wife, Stephanie who is also a pilot, and daughter.


John “Mutter” Hornbeck

Hornbeck took his first flight lesson at the age of 37 after years of building and flying radio control aircraft. He was owned a Cessna Cardinal, Baby Lakes Biplane, and now a RV3 & RV6. His RV6 was built by team member Danny Kight. He has accumulated 700 hours of flight experience. Hornbeck is custom home builder and loves to build any and everything. He is currently building a Lazer Z-2300. John lives in Anderson, SC with his wife and three children..