Team RV flies Randy Anderson's Missing Man Formation

On December 12 2007, at the request of Major General Scott Hammond, Team RV flew the missing man formation to honor veteran Randy Anderson. Randy was a close personal friend of flight team member ret Lt. Col Bob Goodman.

His wife Sue said ""Wow..... touching that the one military guy was the one who pulled up. So fitting. Please tell the entire team how much it meant to me. The fly by was the one military honor I knew I wanted for Randy, and that Randy would truly appreciate...and it was the only time I truly ""lost it"" during the day.""

And from one of the Air Force Pilots on the ground at the grave site "Thank you gentlemen for an outstanding performance. You were the highlight of the ceremony..... . There were many remarks of gratitude and appreciation, but the best comment came from one of the two star generals. He mentioned how much fun it must be for me to fly with a bunch of ex-military types in those nimble little planes. I told him the only ex-military pilot in that formation was the one who pulled up. He was astonished that the precision and discipline you demonstrated could be accomplished with only civilian training. You did good guys."