Team RV Flies Sun N Fun 2008

Team RV was again honored to be flying in the 2008 Sun N Fun show. As usual, the second largest air show in the world attracts tens of thousands of onlookers and lots of foot traffic. We flew several days and were fortunate to have lots of sunshine and few bumps in the air to deal with.

We tried something new this year. I elected to stick one of the wingman up front to lead on one of the show days. Ken Harril, we call him """Lurch"", is a qualified Flight Lead but does not get much lead stick time. I offered him the opportunity to lead a days mission in front of the giant crowd. He reluctantly accepted and worked hard on his routine. Well after all his careful planning, he was treated to a last minute maintenance item that grounded him and left me stuck out front again. Oh Well. The best layed plans. I still think he faked his failing engine to get out of leading at the worlds second largest air show. Ill never know for sure though:) Many thanks go to the Sun N Fun folks and especially Bill McKee with the showcase crew. We were treated very well and had a great time. Hope to be back next year.