Team RV Flies the Albertville 2009 Air Show

Team RV was invited for the first time to fly as the featured performers for the 2009 Albertville Alabama Air Show. We arrived Friday afternoon and flew 3 flights of 10 media rides. Thats right, 30 people got to go up with the team and fly formation with us as we buzzed the town and reminded the community of the comming air show.<p> Saturday was a great day. Pending weather held off as we flew the opening ceremonies and delivered a missing man formation to live taps playing on the bugle. Next we flew our new season routine with outstanding results. <p> Show arganizers were impressed with our performance and have invited us back next year. We want to thank the Albertville team for putting on a great even and taking such good care of us during our stay. We look forward to coming back next year.