Oshkosh 2009 37 ship formation record

Stu McCurdy Falcon led the National RV Formation Demonstration Team on another record setting performance at Oshkosh 2009. Friday July 24th 37 RV?s descended on Whiteside County Airport SQI ? 50 miles West of Chicago O?Hare. The group included 14 ships from Team RV. There were some maintenance items to deal with; one pilot had to do a rush valve job on one cylinder, one arrived at SQI with a dead alternator, and one had a bad magneto. Through teamwork, spare parts coordination, and working thru the night on Friday evening, all 37 ships were 100% airworthy on Saturday at 8:00AM. On arrival Falcon led the group in a 2 hour safety briefing.

He and the other flight leads had previously assigned each pilot a number and a location in the formations. The plan was emailed out several days in advance for review and study. On Saturday morning everyone went up with a four ship for a wake up and polish up flight. Next we briefed and flew as 2 - 16 ships to get everyone used to the sight picture with more than the usual number of planes around. Finally we flew the entire 37 ship plan and debriefed completely. On Sunday morning the group flew the 37 ship routine again.

Then loaded up passengers and baggage and departed for Oshkosh. We were expected in the 37 ship diamond over the Brown Gate Dedication Ceremony at 1:30PM. We hit our mark + 4 seconds! The Oshkosh Routine video here is scripted on the attached card. It was quite an accomplishment and was made possible by; 1-The Formation Flight Inc. RV Formation Standards conceived, written, and mentored thru FAA approval by Stu McCurdy. 2 ? Great airplane designs by Richard VanGrunsven and kitted by Vans Aircraft. 3 ? The patience and prodding of the FFI Check Pilots and Flight Leads across the country who keep nurturing new formation pilots. And finally 4 ? The dedication, discipline and financial commitment of 37 RV pilots from across the United States.