Team RV Flies the Rock Hill 50th Anniversary

The Rock Hill Airport is home base for one of our pilots at Team RV. That connection is what led Eric Ramsdell, the Airport Manager to contact Team RV about a performance at the 50th Anniversary Event.

They were not putting on an Airshow, but just had some aviation displays and flybys from Cessna, JARS, and one-T33. Having never seen Team RV first hand Eric did not know what to expect. After the show, Eric stated that he was surprised by how much he got out of Team RV. After some early fog burned off the event had beautiful flying weather.

The Team flew the Missing Man Ceremony with the presentation of colors, departed the area for a practice at LKR, and then did a re-arrival with our signature smokin pivot turn. The crowd loved it and we hadn?t even flown the show yet! After the standard 16 minute show performance and recovery, Team RV pilots talked with interested spectators and allowed numerous future aviators to sit in RV airplanes! No question the Team RV performance was the highlight of the days flying events.

Special thanks to Eric Ramsdell - The Airport Manager, Rick Shepard of Skytech for all the services, and the CAP Cadets for flightline security.