May 7, 2013
ECI Becomes Official Team Partner


Engine Components International (ECI®) and Team AeroDynamix recently announced a new business alliance called Synergy at Its Best, based on a shared commitment to innovation in aviation. Both businesses see this as a perfect fit at the perfect time.

Tim Morland, General Manager for ECi, said "Team AeroDynamix is a rising star in the air show sky. After 10 years of honing their formation flying skills and creating an uplifting style of showmanship, they have incredible appeal to a wide audience of air show spectators and more specifically, to the enthusiastic and growing numbers of airplane builders."

For 10 years, ECi has quietly been selling engine kits - more than 1600 in shops across North America. In January, the San Antonio, TX, based manufacturer and distributor launched its TITAN® Engine assembly program. "Assembled engines represent the full capabilities of our company; design, manufacture, and build," said Morland.

Team AeroDynamix Flight Lead and Founder, Mike Stewart, said "Team AeroDynamix is proud to enter into this business alliance with ECi at the outset of their engine assembly program. Their support will allow us to focus on flying our signature form of close formation aerobatics at air shows across the country. From a technical standpoint, our pilots are thrilled to associate with the TITAN® Stroker™ series engines which boast the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry."

For ECi, this is the first major sponsorship investment in the company's 70-year history. This bold step speaks to the confidence the company has in both the experimental market and in Team AeroDynamix to influence customers in a positive, inspiring way.

Team pilots Stewart and Danny "Speedy" Kight recently replaced Kight's IO-320 with the ECi TITAN® Stroker™ IO-370 in his RV-6. Initial performance tests confirm that Speedy does, indeed, have the right call sign.

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