Recap of Warriors and Warbirds 2010 Air Show

Patriotism and nostalgia filled the air at Warriors and Warbirds Air Show  in Monroe, NC Nov. 6 and 7.   Pilots and spectators alike were mesmerized by the P-51 and the sound of the Merlin engine as it purred through graceful flybys and photo passes.  It was a pleasure to fly in the company of this American aviation icon and several other warbirds including the T-6, SBD Dauntless, A-26 Invader, T-28,  and Tora!Tora!Tora!  

 Team RV played a big role in this year's Warriors and Warbirds Air Show, providing opening ceremony support as well as our full formation and aerobatics routine.  Our Alpha Flight five ship circled the US Army Black Daggers Parachute Demonstration Team with a vic formation as they brought in the US Flag for the playing of the National Anthem.   After additional Black Daggers jumped to show center, Alpha Flight performed a Missing Man Formation to honor all of our fallen heroes.  Timing is crucial here, to conclude the flight just as the last mournful note of Taps lingers on the speakers.  Good job on that score, Alpha.

Director Bob Russell orchestrated well-trained volunteers, dozens of flight crews with warbirds and contemporary aircraft, and a ground crew who provided excellent service, always with a smile.   Air Boss George Cline was all business, from briefing to show close, and as usual did an outstanding job.  Hugh Oldham kept the crowd entertained and informed as he simultaneously explained routines and airplane histories and interviewed aviation legends, live ice cream cones, and lost parents. 

We overcame a few obstacles to get everyone flying this weekend, both personal and mechanical in nature, but the Team rallied and by show time on Saturday, it was business as usual.  Dramatic cumulus clouds hovering above 3000 feet provided a pretty canvas for all on Saturday.  Sunday's blue skies belied a bit of turbulence, but nothing we haven't seen many times. 

Gates opened at 9 am, and the early crowd showed up in parkas, scarves, and mittens for this first real cold snap.  Heck, we showed up in jackets, scarves, and mittens!

Thanks for the memories, the service, and the great hospitality, Monroe.  We hope you’ll invite us back again next year.

See our gallery for more photos of Team RV at Warriors and Warbirds:  2010 Monroe/Charlotte.