Blue Skies for Boshears Skyfest 2010

What to say about Boshears Skyfest at Daniel Field this past weekend?  In the spirit of the season, “wicked good” comes to mind.  Congratulations on a spectacular 18th show.  Organizer Brad Kyzer brought performers, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, and crowds together to create an impressive and memorable event for Augusta.  And if Brad could have ordered perfect weather, he could not have done better.  Talk about blue skies!

Many thanks to Show Announcer Hugh Oldham (Proairshow) and Air Boss Larry Garner for making everything run smoothly and having a great time while doing it.  Hugh and Team RV Flight Lead Mike “Kahuna” Stewart had a grand time chatting on air about ground support — “grunts” as Hugh says — and how hard they work to support fliers.  Amen.

Team RV flew early in the lineup with 11 ships and really caught the crowd’s attention.  According to our ground crew, grunts that is, the “oohs” and “aahs” started with the opening cross echelon break and didn’t end until after our smokin’ salute on the ground.  That makes it all worthwhile.

Our exciting routine included our newest and most difficult maneuver, the four-ship fingertip barrel roll.  Practice will make perfect, but we came very close at Boshears!  A proud moment for Alpha Flight, our four-ship aerobatics team. 

Alpha Flight Exits the Barrel Roll

Team RV also wants to thank Buster Boshears for riding with us on Friday during the media/sponsor rides.  It was a privilege to have such an aviation legend ride with the Team. He and Wingman Bob “Subob” Goodman went through USAF flight school together and flew in the same Wing in Vietnam.

Buster Boshears takes to the sky with Team RV

Channel 6 News  ran a nice story on us in its segment “Out There Somewhere.”  

We have a few photos here, but check out our photo album on Facebook too. Team RV Airshows Inc.