Posted on VAF by Peter Howel.


Hello tracker fans. We continue to get requests for the J-pole Tracker antennae, so Ryan is going to build them to finance his summer burger, fry and pizza habits. (His sister has a full time babysitting gig)

He(we) can build 2 types of antenna:

1) APRS tracking - tuned for 144.39 with a 3 ft lead terminated in an SMA connector ready to hook up to a microtrak unit. Mount in your wingtip for a clean install.

2) Aircraft Comm - We have built a few antennae tuned for the aircraft band to use on handheld radios. The results have been good. Keep it rolled up in your emergency kit and if you ever need it, it should have better range than your rubber duck antenna. These would come with a 5 ft lead and a BNC connector ready to hook up to your handheld. I have no idea if this would work as a second comm antenna in your wingtip. (Theory says no, but for a few bucks, might be worth a try)

We can make either for $25 delivered in the US via 1st class mail.

Please send your orders to

We need the following when you order:

- Type and number of antenna
- Name
- Address
- Phone Number