The Wing Kit Arrives

The wing kit arrived 2 weeks early from Van's, 10/27/99. Lead time is supposed to be 8 weeks, I got mine in 6. Also, I am fortunate to live near a freight distributor, ABF, which meant my 400lbs of stuff only cost $169.00 to ship. At any rate, I was met with the same shock factor when the wing arrived as I was when the tail arrived a few months earlier. How the heck are two wings going to be built from these 2 little boxes? 

And they are heavy. Be ready for a helper when it comes time to load and unload. Time will tell if 2 wings can really be built from these little boxes. 

Unpacking was much more involved than the tail. MANY MANY pieces to inventory, count, label, organize, and put away. Be ready for several 3 hour sessions to complete this.

Last updated 11/05/02