Jigging the Wing

Getting the wings framed and aligned is no small task. There are many nuts and bolts that get taken on and off the structure several time as you line things up. 

Below is a picture of the wings securely in the jig. I am doing both wings simultaneously. The jig keeps everything plumb and square while you drill and set each rib in place. I used the same jig , slightly modified, that I used in the tail section.  You will notice no aluminum skin on at this point cause there is alot of work to do on the inside, Wiring, bell cranks, riveting, reinforcement plates etc.

Here is an aileron bell crank. A little tough to see here, but it is a gismo in the wing that allow a 90 degree directional change in the pull mechanism of the aileron. Simple mechanism really. It attaches to the ribs with some reinforcement cross members.

Here is the first set of skins temporarily on the wing.

My digital camera crapped out during the construction of wings. I have sent it out for repair, but it'll take a while.


Last updated 11/05/02