Several times through the project, its a good idea to have your plane inspected by a qualified person. The EAA has a great program called the Technical Counselor Program where the EAA has qualified people inspect your plane, typically local to your chapter and free. Also, your insurance rates are much lower if you use this program. This is an invaluable resource. 

My technical counselor is Clyde Schnars. He's a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor), ATP (Airline Transport Pilot), TC (Technical Counselor) and FA (Flight Advisor)..... and has built an award winning RV-6A just like mine. Man was I lucky to have a guy with his credentials scoping my plane out.  Clyde also took me on my first RV ride in his beautiful RV-6A. Needless to say it was quite a thrill.

Clyde looked at every nook and cranny. Focusing on craftsmanship, structural integrity and safety. This was his first of 3 to 4 visits he will make. I was pretty nervous, but he was great and extremely knowledgeable. He marked off several items to fix, mostly rivets not properly set. And of course we stood around for an hour talking about RV stuff. Many thanks goes to the EAA, my local chapter, and Clyde for helping me out and giving me the confidence I need to press on. Here he is pointing out some main spar rivets that both he and I agreed must be replaced.

Here is a clip from the EAA's site on the technical counselor program.

 EAA Technical Counselors are volunteers who have either built their own aircraft, completely restored one or they hold a government rating such as A&P mechanic. They are also individuals who use their knowledge to guide others with an entire project or in specific area of expertise.

By sharing their experience, they continue EAA's tradition of members helping members. Technical Counselors provide another "set of eyes" during the construction period, checking for missing components or improper installation.

There are also aircraft insurance benefits for builders who utilize Technical Counselors and belong to an EAA Chapter. To learn more about the program or for application information, contact EAA's Information Services Department at 920.426.6864 or e-mail: