Bottom Skins

Getting the bottom skins on was a major milestone. It signals the near completion of the wing. I have to tell you, I am very tired of looking at these wings. Working on so many little things, very little visual progress has been seen for months. But getting the bottom skins on really shows some progress. Also I had a visit from some good friends Nell and Jerry Jewett. Jerry is retired, and a plane enthusiasts and pilot. He was on his way from his winter home in Florida to  his summer home in Iowa and stopped by to check out my progress. One of the great things about building is all the people I have met. Jerry is one of many. And as always, I love showing off my progress to those interested. Thanks for stopping by Jerry and Nell. It was great to see you again.

Getting the skins on is not problem. By this point they have been on and off the frame several times. But, getting the gazillion rivets in the little holes is quite a task. Every rivet must be placed in the hole, and taped to prevent them from falling out. A cleco every 5th or so hole holds the skin on.

Once all the rivets are in, grab a buddy cause you cant get to both sides of the wing yourself. Julie made a rare appearance to help me out. She holds the solid steel bucking bar, I do the rivet gun. Believe me, she was not this happy either before or after the picture. She is just posing.

Last Updated 4/3/00