Installing the Spinner

I started by building a template out of poster board and making a grid on it for reference.


Then it was a matter of fit and cut, fit and cut. Also, don't forget to clamp 2x4's to the blade and rotate the blade for clearance.


Then transfer template to the spinner.

Then mount the spinner. Before drilling any holes, you must find the center of the spinner. The spinner must turn true on the center line of the crank. I built a small jig to hold a nail out through a piece of poster board. It is sitting on a chair to i can easily move and adjust it. By slowly turning the prop, you can see if the spinner is turning true, based on the nail as a reference point. It worked like a champ.


Once drilled, get out your platenut skills, cause there are 30 some platenuts in the spinner. 

last updated 11/05/2002