The Propeller

Once a decision on the engine is made, prop choice narrows to just 2, constant speed or constant pitch. Its way to complicated for me to explain. Here's a good description. Basically constant speed prop allows you to adjust pitch in flight, allowing for better efficiency, smoother ride, and higher performance envelops. Bad news... Its 5 times more expensive.

Well this choice turned into snow ball problem, as many things do. Once I decided on the best, most reliable, engine, how can I not put the best prop on the front of it. Well I can't. So on the same day I ordered my engine, I ordered the constant speed prop., factory new.

Here is the prop bolted on. This is quite a task, given its weight, and the 6 bolts that can only be turned a 1/4 turn at a time.  But it looks great!

last updated 11/05/2002