Installing the Fuel Injection

11/17/2003 Please don't install the air box plate upside down as I did. The anodized ring goes inside the airbox to improve airflow into the fuel meter.

4/29/03 Please see update at the end of page 2 from AFP.

I could not let the new engine and prop go w/o a new, high performance fuel injection System from Air Flow Performance out of Spartanburg, SC. They were recommended by Vans and have a reputation for quality and performance. They also make a full installation for the RV series aircraft. This will set you back a few $$$, but it is well worth it from the owners I have talked to. Not to mention, the top air show performers, Patty Wagstaff and Sean Tucker, use this system. If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me. 

The system out of the box is a class act. Every part well labeled, and a very thorough installation guide, full of pictures and diagrams for the novice (that would be me!) This is a custom kit for the RV series aircraft and the Lycoming 0-360.

Serious modification was required to install the brackets from the throttle body to support the throttle and mixture cables. This is 1/4" T-3 aluminum and not easily manipulated. Here, center of the  image, you can see the major chunk I had to remove to clear the gear legs. What irritated me was this was supposed to be for a RV-6A.  Well.... no way this thing fits w/o major gouging and fitting.

Here is the bracket installed. 

Here is a top view of the "spider."

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Last updated 11/19/2003