First Engine Run Up

The day finally came to fire up the new engine. I have been waiting on this for a long time. Here is what I have

bulletO-360 A1A factory new
bulletHartzell C/S prop
bulletAirflow Performance Fuel Injection System

I was pretty nervous and was fortunate to have lots of helpers. My dad came up from Florida. 2 Tech Counselors, 1 A&P, and a dozen EAA chapter 690 members, and some friends to round things out. Tied her to a tree and climbed aboard

I wanted everyone to look things over. 

Even the neighborhood kids, whom have been following my progress for some time now, gathered around and poked their heads into the cockpit they all have sat in from time to time.

As I turned everything on, it became evident how unfamiliar I really was with all these controls and electronics. I mean there is a lot of stuff in the cockpit. I got instruments for my instruments. Purge valves, by-pass valves, boost pumps, buzzers making a racket... It is a lot to keep up with. Colored pull knobs, key switch blah blah blah.

"Safety officer".. "Check!",               "A&P!".. "Check!"                "Kids out of the way!"... "Check!"   Cameras rolling ... "Check!"       Pilot ready... "Uhhhhh... Check!" ,    Dogs busy doing something else... "Check"           "Clear Prop!"      After a few flips, off she went. Purring like a kitten.

Oh my god its running. Now what? Oh yeah, check gauges,. Oil Pressure 80.. Nice!.    Rpm 0 .. well obviously that's not working, the prop is turning.   EGT's, wow 500's, check the ranges on my paper.. Oh thats ok.      Fuel flow.. 2gph. Good!    CHT's... Cant find the number on the engine monitor. UGHH! where is it? "SCOTT!! Get over here"

After conferring with Scott, found the gauge and it was good.    OK throttle up. Pupaaa... Puupaa. and she quit. Hmmm... Scott, Delta A&P, looks things over while she is shut down.  I look out the cockpit as if I can provide some osmosis support from the rear.


Well after some tinkering, it turns out something is wrong with the fuel metering device in the fuel injection throttle body and we called it a day. She idled for several minutes and that was good enough for me! Nothing flew off, no smoke in the cockpit, and nothing exploded.  I got a few squawks, and that is to be expected.  But for now I know she will run and I can finally get some sleep. Thanks to ALL who helped!