Engine Baffle

I ordered the engine baffle kit from Van's. Honestly it is the worst fitting thing I have dealt with from Van's. This should have bolted right on, with some trimming on the top for the cowl. Well nothing fit. And it just bolts to the engine. None of the holes lined up. None of the curves matched. It was ridicules. Ill bet those holes in a lycoming engine have not moved in 30 years. So why did the baffle , pre-drilled holes, not line up to a standard Lycoming A1A engine? I have no idea!! I sent a nasty gram to Van's. Ill let you know what their response was. 

Mean time, I had my very good friend Tommy from NH visit over the 2000 x-mas holiday week. He is a retired mechanic from American Airlines. He did 90% of the work on the baffle. I can tell you, he spent most of his time scratching his head, smoking cigarettes, looking at the plans, and looking at the engine, trying to figure out how to make it fit. I'll bet he has 30 hours in this thing. He made a comment "if someone shipped me these parts on my line (meaning his stack of airplanes on the tarmac), I'd send it back and ground the plane."


last updated 11/05/2002