Fuel System

One of the challenges of installing the fuel system is the different sizes of items. For example, all lines come to the firewall as AN6, then flip back and forth from AN4's to AN6's. What a pain. Means lots of fittings and more points of failure.

Here is a fuel riser. Fuel comes into the bottom, feeds the center fuel pressure gauge, comes up through the size converter, into the fuel flow sensor (wires hanging out), then out to another converter (not shown) and off to the fuel injection intake flow controller. Complicated? Not really . Just a pain in the butt. If everyone would settle on one size, all this tubing goes away. Bottom left sensor is the oil pressure sensor. I have not plumbed it yet.

More to come as I build my own fuel hose from Aeroquip. (see downloads section for a how to on building your own hose)