2nd Engine Run Up

I received my throttle body back from Airflow Performance. It was, of course, operating per specs and forced me to trace the problem in the systems side. Turns out to be an operator problem. I have the ins and outs backwards on the throttle body. UGGHH!!

Once that was squared away, she fired right up and ran like a top.

Here I am eyeballing the breakers to see which ones need to be on. Still not comfortable yet in the cockpit. Too many buttons.

Tied down and ready to go.

Once she lit up, she ran like a top. Throttled up nicely. 

The torque was moving the plane in place, had to get Scott back there to keep the tail from moving around the tree.

Monitoring the gauges. Still have no RPM reading, and #4CHT was way off base, reading some 300 deg. C. That's not right. Got a few more squawks , but all in all very good work.