Lights and strobes

I purchased the Wheelen strobe and anti-collision system. It is not a cheap upgrade, but visibility of me by others is a priority. I mounted the powersupply for the strobes under the baggage compartment floor. Countersunk screws hold er in.

Also, I made a neat tool to dimple in tough areas. Here I needed to dimple the pan floor and there is no way to get a squeezer in there. 

Take a piece of scrap wood and drill one end to receive your shank for dome rivets. Take the other end of the block and drill it to receive your dimple die. The base of the die should contact the tip of the shank. The wood just keeps them aligned. (item on the left) This mounts into your air gun.


Then take another piece of scrap 2x4 and drill a hole to receive the female portion of the dimple die. This die will be used to buck the dimple.  Use the gun to hammer the male die, the female die receives the buck  and Whaalla, a perfect dimple in a tough place. (bad picture, good dimple)

More to come on lights and strobes as I make further progress.