There are several relays. A starter relay, and a master relay. 

Now listen, don't do what I did and send back TWO master relays cause they don't work.  Cause they probably do. If your like me, and have messed with starter relays before, you know that the solenoid inside trips when supplying +12v to the lead that throws the solenoid. Well if you try and trip this one that a way, you'll do what I did and send it back cause it won't trip . Well guess what, it trips when you throw ground, not +12v.  UGGHH!!

In the picture below, top to bottom is the voltage regulator, starter solenoid, master relay, and master relay. That's right, I have 2 master relays. I decided that to have one relay as a single point of failure for the entire panel was a bad idea. So I have dual switches in the cockpit and 2 relays for redundancy.