Riveting the Fuse

The key to a successful riveting of the fuse is to make sure when you drill your holes through the skin that you can buck it later. Also I have the Orndorf videos and they were extremely helpful.  No question this is a 2 man(woman) job. Here is Julie making a rare appearance in the shop to help rivet. Notice the creeper she is on. Another must have item. I got mine from Autozone, $50 and it quickly folds into a rolling chair. Very slick and comfortable.

This rib, near the complicated curve you have to bend, should be left clecoed so it can be removed for dimpling.

I made an access panel at the elevator bell crank on the bottom skin. All of my access panels are made from plexiglass.  Cheap, easy to work with, and you can see through it. 

last updated 11/05/2002