Pictures are worth a thousand words. I used Sam's site quite a bit here. The plans can be tough to figure out.

684 gusset

This one caused me a bit of misery. The 684 gusset goes on the outside of the firewall flange, and on the inside of the weldment. The lower angle shown in the picture gets drilled through the gusset and the weldment. 

6101 gusset

This gusset, just aft of the firewall is very easy to install. The red marking is where to NOT drill for the landing gear mounts to be installed later. Triple check those measurements from firewall both top and bottom distance to F604. The wing incidence depends on it.

Rudder pedals

Fabricating the rudder pedals is pretty easy. The welded joints come pre-welded and powder coated (white) from the factory as this is a mission critical item they don't want you to screw up. You fabricate the brackets, pedals Green), and mounts to the weldments. I have the dual brake option allowing passengers to control braking as well. You can see each pedal gets a master cylinder (gold) mounted to it for independent braking. 


last updated 11/05/2002