Mounting the tail

Somehow I got ahead of myself and mounted the tail. I was following the justice instructions and one thing led to another and I was drilling holes to mount the tail.

The first step is to get the horizontal stab aligned. Leveling the fuse, making some marks, and drilling the holes. Followed by mounting of the elevators, and control rods. Getting the elevator horns drilled identically was the most butt puckering task. One hole lines them up, and you have only one shot at this. The justice instructions are very useful here.

Next the vertical stab is aligned. I put in a 1/4 in left offset for my rudder based on info from others. This is to off set the p-factor (torque and prop blast) that tends to make the plane veer to the left under high torque moves.A string dangling down, with a center line on the aft deck does this perfectly. Some shimming of the forward and aft vert. spars is required. I am also told the tail fairings, mounted later in the project, require some serious modifications to account for this shift in the alignment from center.


Here is the rear view of the vertical stab and the elevators.

Boy its really starting to look like a plane now!!!

And after a couple of full days of mounting the tail, the bench is a disaster.